NewVision is an application designed to run within the confines of a Sunix Vision installation.

It is primarily a consulting room package that makes computer-based records as efficient as possible.

Maintaining NewVision as part of Vision means that all the extra details like appointments, creating new patients, etc. are left for Vision, so that I can spend more time in enhancing the consulting room experience.

Important features that NewVision brings:
  • Chronological overview listing all consultations, spectacles, letters, contact lens prescriptions, contact lens orders, images, fields and therapeutic drug prescriptions for a patient in chronological order with one-click access to each item.
  • Contact lens prescriptions and contact lens orders are separated
  • Quick access to scanning of documents from within the software
  • Auto-expansion of text entry to convert your personal shortcuts into histories readable by anyone
  • Strong integration with Medmont Studio
  • Integrated support for Nidek refractors
  • Advanced contact lens calculator including soft toric lens calculations and RGP lens calculation
  • Easy billing of consultations and non-Medicare items such as retinal photography, including automatic detection of Medmont Studio tests
  • Consultation overview